• Protection For
    The Changing

    The world is changing rapidly. As more nations become industrialized and prosper, they develop a greater need for personal protective equipment. Those who do the dirty work aren’t made of stone.

    DuPont realized this and provides solutions to address the need for protection: keeping them as safe as possible from on-the-job hazards.

  • Because Safety Is
    No Accident

    For thousands of workers in the electronics, metal fabrication, glass handling and automotive industries, the most crucial thing in the world is safety.

    Most industrial accidents can be avoided, so when workers do get in harm’s way, Kevlar Cut Protection can make all the difference.

    Gloves and,sleeves made with Kevlar® brand fiber helps provide the cut-resistant protection these workers need.

  • Protect Your
    Greatest Assets

    PT DCT Total Solution, as Dupont's Kevlar Gloves distributor, is ready to become your partner in protecting your greatest assets with personal protective equipment: keeping your workforce safe and productive.

    We can assess hazards and offer the latest personal protective equipment solutions --gloves and sleeves-- that can help keep workers safe while they continue changing and improving the world.

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